Thl Wa Business The increases retrofit technology of molybdenum powder particles

The increases retrofit technology of molybdenum powder particles

Silicon micro powder ore is generally white,Guest Posting gray, the technique performance is right, is great raw materials for the instruction of processing high-purity ultrafine silica powder. Refined 20/28 powder for sale powder popular use of the wet criminal system for procedure, namely the run of mine ore thru crushing, washing and scrub to get it, delicate silica powder with high purity, white diploma accurate, is integral inorganic mineral materials for precision electronics, aerospace, optical fiber, etc.

Why using silicon micro powder is huge, as it is not most effective a common silica mineral physicochemical houses and uses, however additionally because of silicon micro powder shape characteristics and top processing belongings, together with almost equiaxed grain, the ball degree is excessive, experience is superb, dispersed waft flat is good, oil absorption rate lower and so on, making it has greater brilliant purposeful traits and more significant makes use of. Now the metallic powder dealer summarizes the main reason of the silicon micro powder is as follows:

Silicon micro powder in the application of rubber products: lively silicon powder filling in natural rubber, butadiene rubber and rubber, the powder is straightforward to disperse, blending procedure performance is right, rolling and extrusion sex excellent, and may improve the speed of vulcanized rubber vulcanization, rubber and improve viscous impact, specially superfine grade silicon micro powder, changing a part of the white carbon black crammed in rubber, to improve products assets index and reduce the manufacturing fee have been having very good effect. Silicon micro powder used for exported medicinal chlorinated butyl rubber bottle stopper and used for electric insulation rubber shoes, the impact is simply precise.

Silicon micro powder as filler inside the imitation leather manufacturing, and the goods of the electricity, elongation, flexibility, and many others. Various method indexes is better than that of light calcium carbonate, active calcium carbonate, the interest of pyrophyllite and inorganic material for filling agent production products.

Silicon micro powder rather than delicate clay, inclusive of light calcium carbonate powder material used in battery glue shell, filling amount can attain 65%, and the system performance is right. The glue shell products, with easy appearance, hardness, acid corrosion, voltage resistance, thermal deformation and impact resistance, and different bodily mechanical homes can meet or exceed the corresponding technical index.

Silicon micro powder in the utility of plastic products: the lively silica powder is a really perfect reinforcing agent for pp, PVC, PE and other products, not best have large filling amount, and tensile electricity is right. Made of masterbatch, can be utilized in PVC floor tile, can enhance the wear and tear resistance of products. Silicon micro powder used in olefin resin film, its powder dispersion uniform, movie resistance, right mechanical performance is powerful, than with the aid of PCC do filling material manufacturing of plastic movie, cut off infrared transmittance reduced with the aid of 10% or extra, is first rate for the agricultural shed movie software merchandising. It also can be used for electric cord electric cable outer protecting, and many others.