Thl Wa Casino Eight locations that must be seen for anime fans and manga visiting Japan

Eight locations that must be seen for anime fans and manga visiting Japan

As a country with a long history and unique Japanese culture has many tourist attractions, both for those who are looking for old classical Japanese experiences and those who hope to experience modern, high, Japanese technology. Many anime fans and manga dream of visiting Japan to take local photos of the famous anime and manga, and see those places directly. Here are eight locations that must be seen in Japan that anime and manga fans must check their next trip:

Ghibli Studio Museum – If you like Ghibli Studio films like Laputa, excitedly go and my neighbor Totoro you will want to visit the official Ghibli Studio Museum located in the city of Mitaka Tokyo. The museum offers giant dolls and status of Ghibli films, rooms filled with production cells that explain the animation process behind the film, and an official Ghibli memorabilia store. This museum is perfect for children and adults and has cafeterias and cafes in it. Because it was very popular by Japanese people and tourists were both encouraged to secure their tickets by ordering them through the previous museum website.

Lucky Star Shrine – Kota Kuki in Saitama is the background for the popular Manga and Lucky Series series. Washinomia temples that can be found there are also depicted in the series. This temple offers good luck star items such as EMA themed, postcards, and charm of luck. On New Year’s Eve, the temple throws a large celebration with a motive from the Lucky Star series.

Location of Onegai Teachers and Twins Onegai – Lake Kizaki in Nagano and surrounding areas is widely described in the Onegai teacher and the Onegai Anime Twins series. This lake is not located near a large or important landmark so it might be a bit of sidetrack for some, but fertile forests and traditional cities are found near it worthy of anime and non-anime fans. The lake and its surroundings offer many attractions such as forest tracks, traditional Japanese shops, lake activities and many other tourist attractions.

Kannagi Temple – Manga and Anime Kannagi fans – Maiden crazy temple might want to visit Hanabushi Temple. The temple provides a background for the Kannagi Manga and Anime series and can be found in the city of Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture. This temple is very humble and simple. Those who visit may find EMA with pictures of the Kannagi series depending on or approach it.

Tokyo Tower – An anime Japanese monument and manga fans may remember from the famous Card Card Captor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth. Tokyo Tower offers a view of Tokyo and accommodates several stores. This is a popular tourist location that attracts Japanese and strangers. Tokyo Tower is located in Shiba-Koen, Minato, Tokyo.

Bakemonogatari Temple – Inari Temple found in Kyoto was used as a background for several episodes in the Bakemonogatari Anime series. It is a beautiful temple located at the foot of the mountain. It is famous for having thousands of Torii (Shinto Shrine Gates) who decorated โดจิน the slopes and roads that point to him. The temple was built on the side of the mountain. Those who climb the mountain will reach the observation point where they can see Kyoto as a whole.

Kyoto Manga Museum – Kyoto accommodates the manga museum – a school building that is converted into a museum that holds anything but manga! Those who visit the museum can freely read one of the thousands of manga volumes found on the first and second floor. Manga Museum is not a commercial museum and established for manga preservation with cultural value. For researchers between you, there is a research reference room hard to find historical manga in it. The museum also runs an exhibition on the history of manga and comics throughout the world.