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Common Roofing Installation Mistakes to Watch For


How would you know if your new roof replacement was being installed incorrectly? The average person wouldn’t… However, purchasing and installing a new roof is far too valuable of an investment to just trust that it’s being installed correctly. So, what should you do? Read below and learn the most common roofing installation mistakes so you know what to watch for.

Roof Nail Installation and Placement

All shingle manufacturers offer warranties on their shingles.  But, in order for the warranty to be honored, the shingle manufacturers require their products to be installed using set criteria. If the wrong number of nails are used or the nails are placed in the wrong location, it will probably void your roof’s warranty. Typically, shingle manufacturers require at least five nails per shingle.  If your home’s roof has a steep grade sometimes more nails are required. Nails have to be nailed through the nailing strip. A common installation mistake is to nail into the self-sealing part of the shingle. Incorrect nailing will generally result in premature roof and shingle failure and roof leaks.

On the other hand, metal shingles and other types of roof materials have different installation criteria required for fastening. So, if you can, read the manufacturer’s installation guide so that you understand what is required for your particular application and you know what to watch for.

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is the metal strips that professional roofers use to divert water away from critical areas of your roof. Unfortunately, it is common for inexperienced roofers to not secure the flashing properly or to install the flashing incorrectly. Some roofers use cheap substitute materials or not wide enough flashing strips per code. This can lead to flashing buckling and leaks.

Some roofers will try and cut costs and reuse the drip edge flashing around the edge of your old roof. Not only will you have a roof that doesn’t look new, but a worn drip edge can also allow insects and water to get under your roof and into your attic. We have replaced so many roofs that didn’t even have drip edge flashing installed.  Instead of the water dripping out and beyond the underlying fascia boards, it pours over the boards, resulting in premature rotten fascia boards. So, when you have your roof replaced, it is very important to make sure new flashing is being used and that it’s being properly installed.

” The average roof only lasts about 50 – 70% of their designed lifetime. Furthermore, insurance data shows that 40% of all building-related damage claims are due to water intrusion—and water usually intrudes through the roof.  Even more astonishing, is the fact that, while roofs only make up about 2% of total construction costs, water intrusion-related damage accounts for more than 72% of construction litigation.  Most often roof failures and related water damage are often at the root of the issue. Your roof will last its lifetime if it is professionally installed the first time. ”

– Julian Stevens

Attic Ventilation

If a roofer comes to your house and does not crawl into your attic and inspect it, definitely do not hire them.  Proper ventilation is paramount to a roof’s life and the health of your home. It’s very common for low-cost roofing companies to not address this problem.  Air needs to freely come up through the soffits/eaves in your home and properly vent out through a ridge vent or properly spaced and sized vent tubes. If not, then you can count on getting moisture buildup that could lead to mold, higher utility bills, rusted roof nails, and your roof and shingles failing prematurely.

All new modern roofing systems should include a ridge vent, vents in the soffits/eaves, and properly sized baffles to properly vent the air and draw heat and moisture away from the home

Other Roofing Mistakes to Watch For

  • Not replacing rotten or damaged roof decking/sheathing.
  • Underlayment is missing.
  •  “Frowning” or “Smiling” shingles
  • Shingle color variations.
  • Incorrect shingle exposure.
  • New roof is missing the drip edges or the overhang is wrong.
  • Gutters aren’t sloped properly.
  • Shingles aren’t symmetrically aligned.
  • Starter shingles not placed at the roof base.
  • Wrong roof material used for the specific slope of the roof.

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