Thl Wa Business Awaited Prophet Muhammad In Bible HAJJ PLUS

Awaited Prophet Muhammad In Bible HAJJ PLUS

With a strong link to the Soul of the Universe,Guest Posting the only God, this specially made me tear down the wall haji plus of confusion and blindness. Those with ears to hear and eyes to see will benefit from this message.

The root of Islam is Babylon and the sun-god, Mary. The name means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and this was shown to me in a dream where the discrete light forms into colored rings of perpetual motion when passed through an object. This is seen in the prism and when water drops or shiny surfaces cause the same effect.

‘Mary’ and ‘marry’ are the same and men careful they could mate with the sun by dying on symbols at dawn (previously called ‘noon’). This was the religion of the Amor who constructed Roma (reverse Amor) and took their religion into all of the known worlds. One of them was Constantine who recognized the Catholic Church based on its principles in 325.

He was shadowed by Jerome, the doctor of the church, who collected and wrote the New Testament which he published in the latter part of the 4th century. The Vatican, which the emperor constructed, ordered Augustine Bea, bishop of Hippo, to start another branch of the religion to credit it. This he did through a man named Mohamed, a partner to one of his worshippers.

The corruption, lies, forgeries, plagiarism, violence, and other things that followed the formation of Constantine’s religion are all verified in history books, Vatican records, diaries, letters, and edicts. The emperor ordered the death of anyone who would not accept his religion and the church continued to do the same right up until the 20th Century.

that followed, including Judaism which holds its meetings in a Synagogue (sun god), Christianity which endorses marriage by men to Mary, and Hindu from whence came the Vedic Trinity that Jesus Christ was fashioned on. ‘Krishna’ is the Christ of the latter and his life and death were applied to the so-called Son of God. Islam is the good religion that provides different ways for removing their sins by performing different rituals such as cheap umrah packages 2017.

Because of the strength of the religious fathers and the fact that God is behind all religions they are successfully rooted in the human soul. Those who are extracting themselves from them are often able to re-establish their link to the Soul and enjoy wonders of healing and power as a result.

Islam is on the rise. While they do make changes the main reason for the enhance is that they out inhabit non-Muslims. If they did come to rule the world it would not be because they won wars but because they out occupied the countries, they emigrated to.